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Promote Your Business Locally and Digitally

Your Chamber has the perfect tools to help you accomplish visibility. The act of calling public attention to your business goes by many names including advertising, marketing and promotion.

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Services with chamber lobby

Chamber Lobby, a program included with your membership, provides amazing services. The program includes services like a marketing landing page (traffic catcher page), a mobile catalog, pocket mobile assistant access, and more.

You will have access to a team of Chamber Assistants who will build out your marketing program as well as provide continual development and documentation services at no additional cost.

On-boarding & Benefits
  • Showcase marketing materials in the physical and digital Chamber Lobby.
  • Increase global awareness of your community's commerce.
  • Enhance communication and acquire information with access to technology designed for web presence expansion.

What can the Chamber Lobby Do?

The Chamber of Commerce manages local and regional information by offering a location where people can visit, ask questions, and get handouts. However, with the modern demands for instant information Chambers need to expand their lobbies into the digital world.

And although Google® manages the world's information, it is often not possible to index the Chamber community because the majority of members are not documented for internet search.

Chamber Lobby creates a digital location where people can visit and access information for local businesses - the same function of a  physical location except digitally.

Simple, attractive, and effective.

The Mobile Marketing Landing Page

Here's How the Chamber Lobby Works

Become a chamber member to join the program and enroll your business.
We will research, review, and document your business for local and national search.
Receive an tour of your landing page, mobile catalog, pocket mobile assistant, and more.
Get guidance on using your new system for improving business marketing and outreach.
Be included in a network of local businesses with similar community interests.